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Together they have to face their pasts in order to stay alive.

Keeping one step ahead of ruthless killers is their only option and risk is their constant companion. Isolated in the deep Adirondack wilderness… Their mission—escape! Dalton's real objective—to reconcile with Erin—happens by chance…when one bullet changes everything.

The Protectors: A Thriller

Barb Han. Jenna Kernan. Janie Crouch.

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Their App is available for download on iOS and Android devices. Movies on DVD Reviews. Forty-three episodes were produced, rather quickly and relatively cheaply.

Regardless, however, they have, collectively, withstood the test of time. The use of American actors however did not mean that British performers were neglected.

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The result is something disturbing and ever so slightly surreal, perfect for the macabre stories that are about to follow. Certain themes are also revisited throughout. Some critics have carped that some stories seem to be derivative.

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But, regardless, each is provided with enough originality on their own to ultimately prove to be satisfying stand-alone entertainments. Some viewers might also be troubled by the production values of the series; as is typical with much British TV production, interior scenes are shot on video, exteriors are shot on film. The visual incongruity back and forth can, at times, be jarring. But I would argue that the use of video plays well for the work.

The Protectors

It lends the goings on a real life —ness that only adds to the eeriness of the stories. Furthermore, another potential downfall of the series actually ends up being one of its strengths. With their stories shot like stage plays, the episodes should be boring and rigid and the antithesis to the power and possibilities of TV.

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  • But, for these works, it works, adding an interesting extra element of claustrophobia to the proceedings. Beginning in , the films began to be offered to local stations for airing as stand-alone TV movies.