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Treatment of a simple wound

Still to come What is still to come? The mold - Now it has to be shattered To finally expose that which really matters So show me anything that can't be bought or sold Attempt to recreate the purity felt so long ago This is a war against lies and the blistering cold The deepest wound will reveal itself as gold Save the dogma for another weak mind Useless communication to the blind Read the conditions on the contract you've signed Does it provide the peace that you had hoped to find?

Apologize now to change the plot of the story I refuse to ignore the suffering of the ones who camebefore me Even though so many others are chasing worldly glory Openly I say "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Here is something we do not need Greedy beasts telling us what to believe You question and accuse who you think we may be But we are so much more than you can see Why all this belief in Columbus day?

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The Bible was born in conflict: from slavery in Egypt to wandering and grumbling in the wilderness; from living under wicked and oppressive kings to the worse horrors of invasion and exile; from the apostles being persecuted, imprisoned, and martyred to the Son of God himself being brutally crucified. When opposition comes, or plans fall apart, or relationships fracture, or peace collapses, his words swell with unusual strength and sweetness.

The Deepest Wound

When our troubles are broad, his help runs broader. When our cares are many, his consolations are more. Psalm 94 was written by and for a suffering community. Psalm —6. These are not the jealous and godless enemies of Israel.

We expect wickedness from the world. The most painful attacks are often those that come from the places we least expect them: in our case, from within the household of faith. Instead of warm sympathy, we receive harsh scrutiny. Instead of rallying to support us in our time of need, they heap heavier burdens on our shoulders.


Instead of help, abandonment. Instead of forgiveness, bitterness.

A Labor and Environmental History of Sugar in Northeast Brazil

Instead of purity and self-control, indulgence. Instead of peace, strife and conflict. Instead of patience, anger and irritability. Instead of kindness and gentleness, abuse. Instead of honesty, duplicity.


Shame. The deepest wound – Lucinda Drayton

Instead of love, hostility. Where do we stand when we are wearied and wounded from within the camp? When life is especially hard, we sometimes suspect that we see more than God does. That all would be made right if only we could give him our full report, or pronounce the judgment ourselves. Understand, O dullest of the people! Fools, when will you be wise?

The Sweetest Words for the Deepest Wounds

He who planted the ear, does he not hear? He who formed the eye, does he not see? While many wounds create different surface-level problems, some injuries prompt wounds that go far beyond the epidermis. Because they go so far below the surface of the body, these wounds are much more likely to cause damage to a ligament, major blood vessel or artery, tendon or an organ.

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  • The depth can also cause both internal and external bleeding. Deep wounds are most commonly cuts or puncture wounds.

    Anubis - The Deepest Wound

    Deep wounds can come from a variety of sources, including everything from stepping onto a rusty nail to a car accident. However, it is often the cause of the deep injury that will best prescribe the proper care. First and foremost, deep wounds must be treated promptly.

    Gentle pressure should be applied to the entire wound surface. Deep wounds will also need particular dressings to make sure they do not become infected.

    Many deep puncture wounds and cuts are caused by surfaces that routinely have dirt or other chemicals, such as a rusty nail, a dirty piece of glass, and the like.