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This online education resource site offers lesson plans, organizational tools, and a community of educators to support educators who teach kindergarten through 12th grade. The mission of Teach-nology is to promote a mission of support for teachers as they acclimate to teaching next-generation standards in classrooms where most students were holding devices, such as smartphones and tablets, before they could walk.

For nearly 10 years, Teach-nology has equipped educators with resources, experiencing growth that has allowed it to become a one-stop shop for classroom and lesson planning made by teachers for teachers. On the Teach-nology site, teachers will find an array of resources including more than 46, lesson plans, 10, printable worksheets, rubrics, guidance for educators, worksheet creation tools, and webquests in different subjects.

A lot of the content found on the Teach-nology site is free of charge, as the organization relies on revenue generated from advertising featured on the pages.

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These advertising partnerships provide the financial support necessary to maintain the site. The library on Teach-nology is immense and teachers can explore a range of topics.

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The voice of the site allows teachers to feel they are interacting with a peer. Home 'Teachnology' for faculty takes center stage Sept.


The theme is student-centered learning. On the agenda: "Lightning" five minutes or less presentations on student-centered learning from faculty. Information about "teachnologies," or tools and applications that instructors can use to help students reach their learning objectives in classes.

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