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I think it was approximately five inches by five inches in size. Perhaps this might ring a bell. P30 is called just Peppermint. It is an older, smaller book which I also read it as a child.

Handel's Operas, 1726-1741

I do know that the little girl's name is Barbara. I think it is! The name Barbara definately rings a bell!! Any chance you could send me the doctor's office name and city and I could contact them about buying it? Or any chance it could be bought from them through you? I think it is the book, and it would mean so much to me to have a copy. I'm going to be in Cleveland from July 21st through the 30th, and also in August. I'm looking forward to seeing your store.

Thanks so very much. I have found a copy for you! It's not in excellent shape, but it is intact, and the one you so fondly remember! Dorothy Grider.


Racine, Wisc. No marks or tears. Will you hold it for me? So she came into the store in person and she doesn't live in Cleveland, but I guess she was passing through , and told me tales about this blue cat and her dreams about blue cats. Now she is an artist, and she says that some of her work features animals in unusual colors, particularly blue cats, and that it all stemmed from the childhood memory of this little book I've really enjoyed owning the book Peppermint , which I got from you on the last trip. The image of the cat in the bath looking doubtfully at the bubbles cracks me up, not to mention the wary side glance the little girl and the kitten give each other upon introduction.

Thank you for the great memory, and Happy Holidays! I wanted to mention that I discovered that this was the "kitten in bluing" book I had inquired about by finding it in your Solved Mysteries section. What a neat story about the other woman who was searching for it! Dorothy Grider, Peppermint I don't know when it was published, but I had it in the 's.

My Proper Life

All I can remember is that a little girl had a white kitten that got bathed in laundry blueing. This book made a big impression on me, and was one of many stolen from me and my sister at the laundromat many years ago. Dorothy Grider, Peppermint, This was one I requested a couple of years ago. It is a short book with colored drawings. The date was the late 50s-early 60s. I remember the color red associated with the cover. Isn't this Peppermint again? I know I remember this story Check Solved Mysteries for the synopsis. Even though the details are not exact, it sounds suspiciously similar.

There may have been a fourth kitten. My recollection is that the store was a small mom-and-pop type general store. I think the cats lived under the shop counter or in the back room. At some point a little girl in a dress talks to the owner about the kittens - perhaps she was looking to adopt one or all of them? I read this book or had it read to me by the time I was 5 in , but have no idea when it was originally published.

There were illustrations along with the text. Peppermint was the name of the last kitten, and it's the title of the story. I can't tell you the author, but I do remember that the title is "Peppermint". The mama cat is the only pet of a man who runs a candy store. All of the kittens are named after the candies theysell there. Pepermint is the runt of the litter, and when the old man decides that they have to get rid of the kittens, he gives them to kids in the neighborhood who come in to the candy store.

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One by one the cats find homes, all but Peppermint. They decide to give her a bath and make her super fluffy and pretty, but she falls in to a tub of lye? In the end, she goes home with a little girl who could not possibly love her more. A Whitman Tell-a-Tale book. It is about a cat named Candy who lives in Mr.

Peppermint was white and thin and not as pretty as the others so she wasn't bought by a child. Later Mr. Dobby gave her away to a poor child who entered her in a cat show at school. When her mother washed Peppermint to get ready for the show she fell into a pan of bluing and turned blue. They put a pink ribbon on her and she won the show.

Dante Alighieri - La_Divina_Commedia (Interattiva)

Peppermint : Yes, that is the book!! Thank you all so much! There is going to be a pet show and this little boy doesn't have a kitten so the store owner says he only has one kitten left the little gray one. So the boy and his mother take it home and give it a bath and put a pink ribbon on it and the kitten is really WHITE and wins at the pet show. I remember it from when I was a kid born in and it was an old book then. I would really like to find one.

Can anyone help me? It's possible that your memory can't cope with the idea that the kitten was really blue General store and pet show prize are all part of the story, although I think the protagonist is a little girl, not a little boy. Dorothy Grider, Peppermint. See Solved Mysteries for more reminisciences. Thank you so much for your help. This website is a great service. I actually found a copy of the bookand already bought it as an early Christmas gift to myself.

Happy Holidays! We just had this one last week see G! It's Peppermint by Dorothy Grider. More on the Solved Mysteries page, too. The Perfect Pancake by Virginia Kahl A "goodwife" makes wonderful pancakes, but will only give one per person, but a beggar tricks her so he can eat more. It's a story in rhyme. Re The Perfect Pancake - yes, that's it. It was in my 3rd-grade textbook and the clever happy ending was removed, I'm quite sure - the only purpose being to use it as an moralistic example of mob cruelty vs.

I remember the book asking "What do you think the beggar felt like when all the townspeople gathered to laugh at him? I think it was a picture book, and I'm pretty sure it was in verse. The premise was that a woman in a town made perfect pancakes, but she'd only give one to a person, no matter how much anyone begged.

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A stranger came to town and hoodwinked her by pretending each time he got a pancake that it was pretty good but that there was some slight defect. After he'd eaten his fill, he announced that, in fact, each one had been perfect, and then went on his way, much to the astonishment of the cook and the townsfolk. I don't have a clue as to title or author. Perfecting Your Language The 8th-grade grammar textbook we used at Whittier School in Haverhill, Massachusetts, in had a nubbly green cover.

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It wasn't new, so it was likely published or available in the s. The shade was akin to Depression-era green—a dusty medium green. It was a broad book, as I recall, almost square, with two or more columns of text on each page.

It had distinctive humorous halftone illustrations—cartoons, you could say. The details of the illustrations were skillfully done in grays without black outlines. One that I recall exemplified the admonition to the writer to stick to the topic and not get carried away—it portrayed a space traveler sticking to the mission, ignoring curious anthropomorphized planets who are trying to lead the traveler astray.

grupoavigase.com/includes/468/3107-entrar-al.php There might be periods, but nothing else. The student would have to copy them and provide proper punctuation and capitalization. The authors had taken care to make the passages absorbing. There was one humorous sequence, done like a comic strip. A bunch of cowboys are having supper. One cowboy, "Red," says to another, "Slim, shoot me the potatoes! He is arrested and brought before a judge, who pronounces the sentence: "Life in prison—and that's not too harsh a punishment for someone who doesn't understand the difference between a direct and indirect object!

Egads, how I miss that book.