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Who knows it? I've done some library database searches and turned up nothing so far. I'm wondering if this was part of an anthology.

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I'm also wondering if Sylvia whose name means 'forest' might be a DRYAD tree spirit rather than a DRUID pre-Roman British religious order, probably all male because I don't see why a priestess would have to sleep through the winter whereas a supernatural creature might. Anyhow, it's the best lead you've had so far.

Not my stumper, but I was intrigued, so I looked at the Beacon Readers online.

I checked with the booksellers and neither contains this story. Perhaps there are other Beacon Readers worth checking. I have finally solved this one, with some assistance from a very patient children's librarian! The compiler of the book is Laura Cathon, and the author of the story is Mary Curtis. Because of a letter that Alicia sends to Queen Mary, Kate is punished by being exiled to Elvenwood, an isolated castle or gard.

She does end up going undergound, to the world of the "elves" who are an old sect of Druids, and the crushing claustrophobia of being underground is described. The story is interesting because it shows how certain real things could have been the basis for folklore. This is one of my favorite books. Definitely The Perilous Gard.

In , Kate is sent to the mysterious castle of Perilous Gard with her new guardian. Once she reaches the castle, she learns that his daughter has disappeared down a well, and her guardian's brother, Christopher Wren, claims he's responsible.

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Christopher I think he's called Kit? It's actually a bit of a retelling of Tam Lin. A few details are mixed up, but that will make the re-read all the better! This is it for sure! A really good book and definitely worth a read. Elizabeth Marie Pope, Perilous Gard.

Wondeful book! This is the only one I could find with Princess Elizabeth and 'oak'. It's publication date fits in your time frame but the description doesn't really fit - "Peter, a Russian peasant boy, twelve years old in the year and full of dreams, chances to cross paths with the exiled Princess Elizabeth and comes to realize his fate is linked to hers.

The mystery took only 3 days to solve after being posted on the website. The Perilous Gard. Illustrated by Richard Cuffari. Houghton Mifflin, , A Newbery Honor Book. Bruce Carter a. This is just a maybe, but it certainly seems to fit. John Beynon, The Secret People , Set in , "The Secret People" takes us to a place intruders never leave. After Mark Sunnet's rocket plane crashes in the Sahara Desert, which is being turned into a "New Sea" by France and Italy in a monumental feat of engineering, he and his girlfriend Margaret find themselves prisoners of a people determined to keep their existence secret.

Hence the title of this book. These short-statured people who resemble white pygmies dwell in an underground network of vast caves and are, on the face of it, mired in primitivism. The caves are lit by luminous globes of unknown power, suggesting that this civilization was once highly developed technologically but is now long past its time of glory.

While Margaret and her cat become a focus of worship, Mark is thrown in with the other prisoners. These are people of various nationalities who were unfortunate enough to stray into the pygmie's domain over the years - destined to live out their lives subsisting on the fungus of giant mushrooms which grow in the caves.


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While many are slumped in apathy, some of the captives have preserved their sanity by working on an escape tunnel. The rising water levels have heightened the sense of urgency. Bruce Carter, The Perilous Descent. Bruce Carter is the pen-name of the English writer Richard Hough. His story concerns two R. When they finally re-emerge from the "other world" they are in South America. The twins books you asked about are a popular series written by Lucy Fitch Perkins. I have quite a few in stock: The Pioneer Twins. First edition, corners bumped.

Corners bumped. First edition. Spine ends frayed. Felix Salten, Perri. Best known for his books about deer, Salten also wrote this one about a squirrel. It was adapted into a live-action Disney movie in the s.

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I checked Disney version of Salten's Perri and it is all color photos of how squirrels live. And it is not Ridlon's Lightning strikes twice: Mama, Papa and Milkweed Woodsey lose their home to lightning, and feel an earthquake under their new one; optimism is the key,but names don't match Stumper. A Pet at the Zoo , I am sure that you are looking for A Pet at the Zoo. This is a Whitman Big Tell-a-Tale book, published in I have a copy of my own somewhere, just to be sure I Googled it and saw a copy for sale on the internet.

The cover is the same as I remembered it. Hope this helps! His nemesis is the house cat, Mefisto, who hunts down Maestro Petrini during a performance of The Magic Flute, only to be charmed at the last moment by Papageno's flute. And they all live happily ever after. A thousand thank-yous! Thank you for making me look so good! I'm sure we will be visiting your site often. Clevin, Jorgen , Pete's first day at school This must definitely be the solution to E86 and it could be the solution to E The cover shows Johnny and Pete - and Pete is a regular large elephant, so his size could have come into the story.

Pete, the elephant, has happy experiences on the first day of school. Where do you live? Shall we say hello to them? That red knob is the doorbell. Press it with your finger and say : dingalingaling. Reader answers questions at each stop-light. Final story page has a 'blank' TV screen with a message seen only when held up to the light! Cover is indeed white as remembered' I can't believe it but I believe this is Pete's first day of school is the answer to E I never thought I would find it. And then another poster helped with additional clues. Thank you so much!

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NOw I am trying to purchase the book. I have now found 2 of 5 books I have been searching for! I was interested in P2 in your stump column. I have it packed away somewhere in the attic, but haven't a hope of finding it to get the information. I kind of thought it was called Prudence and Peter, but have not found that listing. I did check the LC catalog, but found nothing. The book I remember has a colored picture pasted on the cover, which is a kind of goldish brown buckram, if my memory is correct, but who knows.

For some reason we had it out to get some ideas when we were planning the highschool senior prom I can't remember if we actually used it or not. We do not have a very good public library, so I would not expect to find it there. I think I identified P2 after thinking a little more.

I'm doing some personal research for fun on "Octavia" on the 'net.

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Picked up this link -- thought you or whoever requested might be interested Robins, Eliz. Could this be Peter Churchmouse by Margot Austin? There's also a Churchmice series by Oakley , but I think it's the former. Thank you very much for the quick response. Re Peter Churchmouse.

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I am really not sure. I have seen references to it on your site. I really dont remember the character of Peter.