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It was officially dedicated at a ceremony on October 10, A Los Angeles Times report at the time called it "a bizarre ceremony combining hoary English pomp and Arizona informality.

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Studd, lord mayor of London, "other London officials, their ladies and 17th century pikemen" were in attendance, along with 25, spectators. While the "English Village" built next to the bridge often leaves visitors disappointed , the town continues to grow, its population now at 52, and the bridge still its main attraction.

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Mark Byrnes is a senior associate editor at CityLab who writes about design and architecture. My great-great-great-grandfather, a Civil War general and reputed Klan leader, sits atop an equestrian statue in front of the Georgia State Capitol.

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  • Two new studies have revived the long-running debate over how police respond to white criminal suspects versus African Americans. Mark Byrnes markbyrnes Feed Mark Byrnes is a senior associate editor at CityLab who writes about design and architecture. Richard Florida November 7, McCulloch had founded the community of Lake Havasu City at the site and had designs on making it a tourist oasis, but he was still struggling to attract visitors.

    When his business associate C.

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    Wood told him about London Bridge, the two concluded that it was just the kind of eye-catching centerpiece Lake Havasu needed. Negotiations for the purchase proceeded rapidly during the spring of According to McCulloch, the most difficult part was hashing out a sales price with the City of London authorities.

    London Bridge under construction in Arizona. Workers began by labeling each of its granite bricks with markers that indicated their arch span, row number and position. The bridge was then disassembled, packed away in crates and shipped to Long Beach, California, via the Panama Canal. From there, a small army of trucks carried it across the desert to its new home at Lake Havasu.


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    To ensure the bridge could handle modern traffic, construction crews built a hollow core of steel-reinforced concrete, which was then covered with 10, tons of the original 19th century granite. The painstaking assembly process took place over a small strip of land that connected a peninsula to the mainland, but as the project neared completion, workers cut a mile-long channel through the isthmus and allowed it to fill with water, creating an island.

    Only an American would think of investing that much in something as crazy as this. There was even a rumor—since discredited—that the Americans had been duped into thinking they were buying the more iconic Tower Bridge.

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    In the end, however, it was McCulloch and Wood who had the last laugh. Their whimsical purchase proved to be the marketing ploy that Lake Havasu City needed.

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    • From a population of just a few hundred in the early s, the town blossomed to over 10, residents by In , its chamber of commerce reported that the bridge had drawn nearly two million visitors the previous year.