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Similar translations Similar translations for "lasciare libero il passaggio" in English. English to chuck in to get away from to leave behind to leave behind to leave go to leave go to leave in to leave on to leave on to leave over to pull off to run out on to throw over to throw up to turn from to leave to abandon to divest to drop to dull to forsake to jilt to matt to quit to quit to release to relinquish to walk away to walk out on sth to move from to move out of.

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English to break away from. English libero libero player libero.

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  6. English free empty unbound unconstrained freewheeling vacant disengaged footloose free and easy free-spirited liberated unhampered unimpeded unobstructed unobstructed unoccupied unoccupied. English free-spirited. English to loose to rid to extricate to loosen to vacate to break free to undam. English to pull free to work loose.

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    English to libate. Context sentences Context sentences for "lasciare libero il passaggio" in English These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Italian lasciare libero il passaggio. More by bab. We are happy to share with you all the activities of this first part of the year and to invite you to follow us to discover the all the news of our fall! The 2 nd edition of MLJ concluded with much positive feedback from all the 20 highly experienced managers who fully immersed in a 9 day-journey of strategy , leadership , crisis management , negotiation and world economy led by the expertise of our top-class faculty coming from Harvard, Kellogg, London Business School and Tuck school of management.

    Besides Professor Raffaella Sadun from Harvard Business School , and Professor Persico from Kellogg School of Management, who successfully kept on with their contribution to the MLJ programme, this edition benefited from the teaching of Professor Giovanni Gavetti from Tuck School of Business who brought at OBS a new discipline that consider the psychologic side of the strategic leadership and from the experience of the Adv.

    Visit our Executive Programmes page for more information on content, lecturers and enrolment procedure or contact us at info ortygiabs. Focus on Lybia and Citizen's Dialogue on Europe are open events, in order to participate, it is necessary to send an e-mail to info ortygiabs.

    The topic of the event is Contamination , that is the constant result of meeting of cultures. Contamination is an "always-on" processs involving communities and generations and able to subvert the course of events. As Knowledge Hub fostering the circulation and sharing of ideas, Ortygia Business School embraces TED's mission of spreading ideas and knowledge by supporting the local initiative TEDx Ortygia with the aim to foster networks, debates and contamination on science, technology and society in the local community.

    The mission of the OCM is to act as a hub able to foster dialogue and to create connections among practitioners associations, NGOs, social enterprises etc. We are also pleased to announce that Mr. We are happy to share with you OBS new programmes and activities! We worked hard to design the best offer for the new academic year. A group of 34 academics , practitioners and policy makers from Italy, the UK, Germany, Canada, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt actively participated in the 33 conference sessions. Discussion and debate during the conference focused on 1 investment in countries of origin and transit, 2 protection of children, hosting and integration of unaccompanied minors and other vulnerable groups and 3 the positive contribution of migrants, including net fiscal impact and political dimensions and perceptions.

    The conference resulted in two main recommendations for the G7: 1 direct collaboration and coordination between academia, international institutions and G7 policy makers could support more effective, evidence-based policies, and better-tailored, more policy-relevant research; and 2 to fully understand human mobility, it is necessary to incorporate different perspectives from the countries of origin, transit and destination. OBS fist executive programme concluded with much positive feedback from all participants.

    Scott, all from LBS. We are now designing the next editions of the programme that will be held in Spring and Fall of The workshop alternated presentations of established economists and "job market boot camp" sessions for PhD students on the verge of beginning their academic careers.

    Learn more about the workshop following the hashtag PetraliaWorkshop on Facebook. The workshop begins with discussions by various economists and will conclude with a "job market boot camp". One of the main sources of the competitive advantage of an enterprise is knowledge that is the element to develop in order to foster the continuous generation of value.

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    An organization is primarily a cognitive system based on knowledge as an intangible factor, difficult to imitate and therefore more suitable to generate an advantage over its competitors. Knowledge develops and gives life to new knowledge. It is in this awareness that the Ortygia Business School Foundation wants to trigger a debate at national level but above all between the small and medium enterprises of southern Italy, in order to reaffirm the value of knowledge as a lever of the growth potential of the productive fabric.

    In partnership with Confindustria Siracusa , Ortygia Business School intends to conduct an analysis on the training needs of the enterprises - with particular attention to those of Southern Italy - with the aim of supporting them in the design of innovative training solutions that, starting from the needs of the productive fabric, they can focus on the true factor of Italian competitiveness, that is, the quality of human capital in its three dimensions of knowledge, know how, and know how to be.


    The first public event of this initiative will be on 14 July at at the Confindustria Siracusa headquarters where founder Lucrezia Reichlin will present the Ortygia Business School and the benefits of investing in management education. Sadun from HBS, learned how to manage a crisis by simulating real world scenarios guided by Prof. Persico of the Kellogg School of Management, and were exposed to macroeconomic topics by Prof. The Festival Sabir, organized by ARCI, ACLI and Caritas Italy, comes to its third edition this year in Syracuse, after those held in Lampedusa October and Pozzallo May and will focus this year on two main themes: on one hand, the relationship — often instrumental and contradictory — between international cooperation and immigration in countries of origin and transit, and on the other hand, the issue of unaccompanied foreign minors, particularly crucial given both the extraordinary number of arrivals recorded over the past year in Italy and the considerable presence of unaccompanied foreign minors in the reception facilities in the city and the province of Syracuse.

    Migration continues to be high on the agenda of global policy makers. Ortygia Business School OBS is pleased to announce the launch of its unique executive training workshop.

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    In addition to modules on corporate strategy, leadership, and crisis management, we offer a module focusing specifically on a macro-economic perspective, so as to offer participants deeper knowledge of the challenges currently facing the world economy. The particularly high level of this workshop reflects the ability of OBS to engage world-class professors and executives. The Mediterranean Leadership Journey is in fact entirely led by instructors from the best business schools in the world: Harvard University, London Business School and the Kellogg School of Management.

    Each module also includes the participation of high level guest speakers, from CEOs of international companies to entrepreneurs and leading global thinkers, who play an active role in discussions and networking events.