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Running for the school board is church member Bevy Baer, a right-wing conservative who favors prayer in schools and tough discipline.

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Her opponent, the liberal Wallace Cromier, is a columnist for the small town's newspaper but was once a Hollywood screenwriter. The story, which is told from the perspective of the two candidates, includes numerous other characters, such as a one-time star high-school football player whose life has gone downhill since graduating and a woman with a deformity that makes the townspeople wary.

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And the War in Iraq is the backdrop, ever present yet largely invisible. Some critics, however, saw the novel's theme differently than the author.

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Writing on the Forbes Magazine Web site, Michael Maiello stated: "It's really not so much about the battle between left and right but about the tension between the dual American desires for an exciting, cosmopolitan life and a bedrock of stability," adding that "Mizner's novel serves up the perfect allegory. Commenting that the novel "could have been a slapstick satire," a Kirkus Reviews contributor observed that the author "is more concerned with illuminating them than with making fun of them.

Kirkus Reviews, July 15, , review of Political Animal, p. Library Journal, April 1, , Joanna M.

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Burkhardt, review of Hartsburg, USA, p. Publishers Weekly, June 28, , review of Political Animal, p. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. November 21, They are books that, because of their depth of insight, quality of prose, and enduring relevance, offer an education far beyond what typically passes for analysis and commentary during the political Super Bowl.

By David Mizner - David Mizner

Nearly 3, years later, it remains stunningly relevant, and it emerges as key evidence that some things never change, like political trickery, tactics of manipulation, the art of making a sale. It is a book that reads as if it were written by David Axelrod or Karl Rove, who incidentally provides a glowing blurb on the back cover of one of the editions. Published in , The Prince continues to stand uncontested as the greatest—albeit one of the most cynical—manual for keeping political power.

Machiavelli writes that the people want a leader who rules with an iron fist in a velvet glove, and that it is far better to be feared that it is to be loved. His work is not for the faint of heart or the enraptured idealist, but its realism cuts to the core of power maintenance—whether it regards an Italian kingdom or an American election. Every four years, politicians from both major parties earn applause for talking about how American democracy is the only place where their dream of gaining power could come true. Barack Obama in and Marco Rubio in sold this story particularly well, but MacArthur proves that story is a myth.

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Washington D. By Gore Vidal Vidal dramatically, amusingly, and compellingly demonstrates the veracity of his aphorism on presidential races in his novel Washington D. Part of his Narratives of American Empire series of historical novels and taking place from the s to the s, Washington D.

multi-account-trader.com/cache/4-wo-zu-kaufen.php Her plucky door-to-door campaign finds trouble when it runs into Wallace Cormier. A failed Hollywood screenwriter who has returned to his hometown to raise his daughter and churn out an uninspired newspaper column, Cormier fears that he's gone soft. When Bevy knocks on his door, he decides to fight for his town and his beliefs.

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But has he jumped in over his head? Signs are posted, debates scheduled, sausage-making contests endured Soon Cormier and Bevy find themselves in a passionate, nationally televised, tooth-and-nail battle that leaves voters wondering which candidate, if either, is on the side of the angels.