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Figures 12 and 13 b. The spectrum of supercurrent in. This highest amplitude of the con ductance oscillations is. The data obtained demonstrate. Besides, the. Secondly, the spectrum of the supercurrent at low bias.

Quantum Supercurrent Transistors in Silicon Quantum Wells Confined by Superconductor Barriers

I-V characteristic that demonstrates the modula-. The one-electron band scheme of the p-type. Coulomb charging effects in th e Si-QW filled with holes b. Correlation between critical current a and. Multiple Andreev reflections MAR with the. The superconducting gap. The difference in the values of. The single. Therefore, when the sum of these gains becomes to be. The MAR peak positions occur at. The mechanism of. The one-electron band scheme of the sandwich.

Si surface that reveals the multiple Andreev reflection. The MAR processes are of interest to be measured in.

In the de-. These MAR. Plot of the MAR peak position versus the inverse. The value of the superconducting energy gap, 0. The amplitude of the MAR peaks observed,. Since the MAR processes are spin-.

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Si surface by varying the top gate voltage applied. The MAR peak positions are marked. Within frameworks of. Thus, the interplay of the.

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  4. Finally, the studies of the proximity effect in the. MAR processes are of great concern in the transfer of the. Within MAR. The most likely. Relative contribution of these processes de-. Besides, the single-hole. Thus, the charge and spin density waves. The studies of the cyclotron resonance angular de-. The temperature and magnetic field dependencies of. The oscillations of the upper critical field and critical. The value of the superconductor energy gap, 0. The extremely low value of the hole effective mass in. The high fre-.

    The value of the. These oscillation s have b een. The interplay of the. The work was supported by the programme of funda-. Ozyuzer, A. Koshelev, C. Kurter, N. Gopalsami, Q. Li, M. Tachiki, K. Kadowaki, T. Yamamoto, H. Yamaguchi, T. Gray, W. Kwok and. Bagraev, W. Gehlhoff, L. Klyachkin, A. Malyarenko, V.


    Romanov and S. Ekimov, V. Sidorov, E. Bauer, N. Curro, J. Thompson and S. Bagraev, A. Bouravle uv, L. Malyarenko, W. Gehlhoff, V. Ivanov and I. Bouravleuv, W. International Conference on Diffusion in Materials , Cra-. Bagraev, V.


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    Ivanov, L. Klyachkin and I. Revive B , Vol. Gehlhoff, Y. Gerardi, E. Poindext er, P. Caplan and N. Gehlhoff and L. Gehlhoff, N. Bagraev and L. Bagraev, N. Galkin, W. Malyarenko and I. Physics: Conference Series, Vol. Kotthaus and R. B, Vol. Malyarenko, S. Semiconductors , Vol. Li, P. Cao and D.

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    Slaoui, E. Fogarassy, J. Muller and P.