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Runout etchings show that some, perhaps all, editions were mastered at The Town House. Sleeve Variants This version has yellow text on both sides of the sleeve: [This Release] This version has yellow text on the front of the sleeve and orange text on the rear of the sleeve: The Human League - Don't You Want Me This version has yellow text on the front of the sleeve and orange text on the rear of the sleeve plus a barcode: The Human League - Don't You Want Me Ext.

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Does anybody know where I can find the 12" instrumental version? Heard it on a compilation somewhere but can't find it. On the back of the sleeve I find Cat The printed Cat Does anybody know what version I own? Reply Notify me Helpful. Reply Notify me 1 Helpful. Have: Want: Avg Rating: 4.

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Stella has no friends, a fact she finds harder to account for than does the reader. I really don't.

The Human League's "Don't You Want Me" Lyrics Meaning - Song Meanings and Facts

There she meets "an elephantine woman wearing a tightly belted pastel blue jumpsuit She disapproves of the toddlers' names - Hector, Perdita, Ichabod - and therefore of their mothers. I have a problem with Honey, myself, perhaps only because it's the name of my old dog. Knight's satire of the PC ethos falls flat because it overstretches reality. Only in novels like this do people say "We don't believe in gender stereotypes here, do we, everyone? Stella scorns the children's artistic endeavours, eating habits, runny noses.

The first words she addresses to a child are "Oi! Don't bloody do that! Again, cue for applause.

C.TRICK.I want you to want me.mid

At last, she spots a mother in pink cashmere who is pretty enough to be her friend. Louisa is a "softer, fresher version of Madonna". Stella and Louisa both like getting drunk and talking about snogging. In fact, they only talk about snogging. So when Stella decides she wants to snog Louisa's neighbour, MC Yungsta, aka Adrian, and Louisa wants to reciprocate with ginger Frank, they arrange a double date. Stella's confidence needs repair: she's learned that at orgasm she snorts like a pig. This discovery is her epiphany, her Box Hill moment.

Self-knowledge isn't Stella's bag, but this hits home: "I don't think I have actually ever been so ashamed. Is she too late? And is it true that Frank has an abandoned baby back in Newcastle?

Don’t You Want Me

This is the one nod at moral seriousness. Sorry to throw about the big scary words. No baby exists. Frank has slept with Louisa, but seeing her off takes less time. Frank and Stella are off to bed, as selfish and venal as each other. Yes, I know it's only a romp.