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Das Grab des Alves Bäsenstiel (the grave of Alves Bäsenstiel), 1919

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RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER Part 2: Das Grab des Propheten

Please email calendar SleepMonsters. Male Female. By continuing to use this website you are accepting our terms of use. She educated her son, Christian August Heinrich Clodius, who would become a poet and philosopy professor. Portrait by Antoine Pesne, Source: Wikipedia Babette Cochois was a French actress.

She made her debut at the Berlin Opera in Later, she collaborated with her husband, Jean-Baptiste de Boyer Argens married , penning philosophical essays and a novel.

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Babette was the sister of actress Marianne Cochois. In , Marianne's mother died. Shortly after the family moved to Wurzach, Germany. Not long after , however, both Marianne's father and her only surviving sister had also passed.

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At this time, Marianne went to stay with her uncle, Dominic von Brentano, who was chaplain at the Imperial Abbey of Kempten. The priest offered Marianne significant support, especially in her recovery after a short but abusive marriage that left her physically and psychologically devastated. Some years later, Marianne joined an acting troupe and toured Europe, under the name Madame Sternheim, with several theater companies.

Around this time, her first books including Philosophie eines Weibes , which was a success were published anonymously. Seven years his elder, Marianne secretly wed Ehrmann, who lived with his parents, and for a year the married couple met only at night. Marianne was co-editor of a journal published by her husband, Der Beobachter. As a teenager, Erxleben was personally tutored by the rector of the local Gymnasium, since it did not admit girls.

Dorothea's father allowed her to assist him in treating his patients.

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The book, which systematically addresses the justifications for preventing women from studying, was published in Although Dorothea had been granted permission to matriculate by Frederick II in , she delayed studying and married Johann Christian Erxleben. During this time she continued assisting her father's medical practice, and saw patients even after his death in An official complaint by the local doctors, however, made it plain that Dorothea would not be allowed to continue without a doctorate. In , Dorothea Christiane Erxleben became the first woman in Germany to obtain a doctorate, submitting her dissertation, Academische Abhandlung von der gar zu geschwinden und angenehmen, aber deswegen oefters unsicheren Heilung der Krankheiten.

As a lady of the Prussian court, she met and married, in , the Russian ambassador in Paris, Prince Dimitrij Aleksejewitsch Golizyn. Amalie met and was influenced by Voltaire and Denis Diderot, friends of the prince--the latter spent three months in their home at The Hague. In , she retreated to a property near Scheveningen in order to educate her two children and study philosophy. Goethe references Amalia glowingly in a letter to Jacobi, and again in his Campagne in Frankreich.

As a teenager, she corresponded with Johann Christoph Gottsched and eventually married him years later. In Leipzig, she learned Greek and Latin and followed her husband's lectures at the university from the next room. Together, the Gottscheds promoted German literary culture. Luise, in particular, contributed significantly through her many translations and original works for the stage.

She was the daughter of Johann Michael von Herbert , an industrial pioneer who founded the first white lead factory in Austria in , in reward for which Herbert and his family were given a peerage by Empress Maria Theresia in Maria's brother, Franz Paul von Herbert , inherited the factory in , but left in for Jena to study Kant's philosophy with Karl Leonhard Reinhold. In the Spring of , he returned to Klagenfurt and started an intellectual salon where the Critical philosophy was fervently discussed and through which Maria first became acquainted with Kant's philosophy.

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UWO Kant Research Group | Women Intellectuals of 18th Century Germany

Taking an active interest in Kant's moral philosophy, she wrote a number of letters to Kant, with three having been preserved. These well-known but remarkable letters touch on, among other things, the morality of suicide and Kant's proscription of it in the Groundwork , and the limits of Kant's moral philosophy for motivating moral action.

Maria herself committed suicide in Text by Antonino Falduto. Her essay, Bemerkungen ueber die Fehler unserer modernen Erziehung, von einer praktischen Erzieherin , published anonymously, claims that Johann Bernhard Basedow and Joachim Heinrich Campe had misunderstood Rousseau's theory of education.

She was unhappily married to her first husband, the traveller and ethnologist Georg Forster, from until his death around , at which time she married her lover, Ludwig Ferdinand Huber. Georg Forster was among the island's discoverers in , and Therese incorporates Forster's first-hand description of it, recorded in his Reise um die Welt. The couple had eight children; five survived childhood. The book was published in , the same year Georg became privy councillor of the Electoral Archbishop of Trier, at which time the family relocated to Ehrenbreitstein.

The salon terminated when Georg's criticism of the church caused him to be removed from his office and the family moved to Speyer. Sophie was widowed in When her widow's pension was ended by French occupation in , she relied on writing. He worked there for his German father-in-law , a wholesaler in butchers' equipment..

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