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More than practicing witches shared their thoughts in a survey I conducted about magick. Many expressed misgivings about spells directed at individuals because they violate free will and consent, but highlighted other types of more ethical love magick. Lisa Walling, a spiritual adviser with 30 years of experience who responded to the survey, says she practiced magick as a teen and her first love spell was not entirely ethical.

It "backfired spectacularly. She thinks movies, songs and media have created negative perceptions of spell casting. Bianca Herrera is a rape crisis worker, tarot reader, and love bruja with experience in self-love magick. Herrera, a sexual assault survivor, uses self-love magick like massage and ritual baths to heal herself and manifest in her life.

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She says that after performing love magick to manifest lovers in her life, she needed to switch her practice and focus on herself, because she was unprepared for the new people those spells brought into her life. Herrera is staunchly opposed to love magick that could violate consent, and cautioned new practitioners to ask themselves if their target would feel the same way without a spell cast on them.

If not, Herrera says, the practitioner is crossing a very important line. Some sexual assault activists and experts hold the same boundaries on love spells — and how they could be considered assault — or at the least, forgoing proper consent. Lisa Marie Basile, author of Light Magic For Dark Times, bridges the gap between those experts and conversations that include feminism with love spells and magick. Because she is an active writer, feminist and witch, her work contextualizes the way love spells have evolved, and are still changing.

Like Perepyolkina, Basile agrees that self-love spells or general attraction love magick is best, and describes the bath spell mentioned at the beginning of this story. She says public and media-driven conversations about assault, consent, and feminism shape the magical community as well.

These deliberations on magickal ethics are important, but what happens if someone has already performed a spell?

Perepyolkina says there are simple spells which may undo the harm caused, such as tying and untying a knot in red string while apologizing for the act. For victims, she says, there are rituals that involve meditation and salt cleanses. Witchcraft can help you to access your higher self. When you are in tune with your highest self, the possibilities are limitless. When you use this witchcraft spell to make someone fall in love with you, you are tapping into your higher self to bring about the love that you desire.

Cast Your Circle!

A Modern Witch's Guide to Casting Love Spells

Begin the ritual by anointing the pink candle with the Sandalwood Oil. Light the candle and the incense. Using the pencil draw a heart around each of the names. Next, take the candle into your right hand and drip wax onto the hearts. While doing so communicate your wishes into the universe, visualize your wishes and build up as much energy as possible.


You will know when to stop. Now write down your wishes onto the large piece of parchment paper. Take your time, whatever you write down needs to feel right. Once you are done put the two small pieces of paper and wrap them into the large piece of paper. Tie it close with the ribbon and make 3 knots. Put the Rose Quartz, the Jade and the Emerald on top of the package you have just created to charge it with the love attracting properties of the crystals.

Release The Past

Let it sit on your altar until the candle burns out. Once the candle has burned out hide the package without the crystals somewhere in your bedroom where nobody can find it. The love that you and your partner will experience as a result of this spell will be genuine and will only grow over time. There is nothing artificial or unnatural about the love that this spell will produce.

In fairy tales, most leading ladies or princesses wait for their prince to find them and fall in love with them. Unfortunately life is not a fairy tale. There are some who are lucky to end up with love just by waiting on it to come their way. Most everyone wants to be loved by someone special. Sometimes we know who that someone special is but it seems they are not aware of it. This simple spell can be used to give them a little push in your direction. Caution, make sure this is really the person you want to be attached to as it is much more difficult to break a love spell than it is to cast one.

Cast your circle and call the quarters. Use your carving tool and mark the two candles representing you and the other person. Mark the green candle into seven equal parts. Place the male candle on the right side of your altar and the female on the left side, about twelve inches apart. Place the green candle in between the other two, slightly behind them. Focus on the person you desire. Light the candle representing you first, then the other person and finally the green candle.

Now sit quietly and visualize yourself with the person you desire. Let the candles burn down to the first mark on the green candle. Snuff out the candles in the order that you lit them. On day two, move the candle slightly closer together. Repeat the steps above, starting with focusing on the other person. Light the candles in the same order as before. Continue repeating the above steps.

By day seven the candles should be touching. On day seven let the candles burn themselves out.

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Wrap the wax in the green cloth and keep in a safe place. Love can make us do irrational things at times, which is why you need to gather your thoughts and objectives before you delve in the world of magic. Do not let sexual emotions interfere with the spell either. If need be, there are different types of spells to deal with your sex life. Black Magic Love spells are powerful when done with the right motives, so you need to execute them sparingly.

Often, all it takes is the use of simple ingredients like candles and incense to invoke the forces of nature and release positive energy to the universe. What you also need to develop is the power of meditation and concentration. Believe in your inherent powers and the success of your love spell. This will make it potent enough to work and break through any obstacles you may be currently facing in your love life. Anoint the black candles with the cypress oil and arrange them in a triangle fashion on your altar. Light them with one single match. Drip some wax from all 3 candles onto the names.

While doing so focus on your wish for your lover to fall deeply in love with you. Build up as much energy as you can. Next, put the chicken wing on top of the names and add the hot pepper flakes. The hot pepper is for attraction, add the amount that suits your wishes.